Session to discuss current state and prospects of Belarusian pharmaceutical industry

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People in Belarus should be provided with affordable and high-quality domestic medicines, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a session to discuss the state and prospects of the Belarusian pharmaceutical industry on 20 February.

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative and fast-growing industries in the world. “The development of this industry is our long-term priority,” the President emphasized. Belarus has created the necessary conditions for the promotion of its pharmaceutical industry. In 2010 the head of state set a task to increase the share of Belarus-made medicines on the domestic market up to 50%. “This is important for the national security. We should provide the population with affordable and high-quality domestic medicines,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

“Belarus is a welfare state; thus, improving public healthcare is one of our most important tasks. It will always be like that,” the President noted. With this in mind, Belarus is upgrading medical facilities, purchasing the most advanced equipment, training highly qualified specialists and, most importantly, building up the production of domestic medicines.

Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that in present-day conditions the penetration of counterfeit medicines into the Belarusian market poses a serious threat, as these medicines can undermine people’s health and finances. The head of state expressed confidence that the domestic pharmaceutical industry can protect people from such threats.

The session focused on a number of other topical issues. The modernization of pharmaceutical enterprises was mentioned. A dedicated presidential decree was signed in 2012. “The work proceeds on the whole, but not everything goes according to plans for some projects. Which projects are those and why?” the head of state said.

Belarus’ domestic market of medications is evaluated at nearly $1 billion. However, import has been rising in the last few years albeit a little, the head of state said.

The head of state was also interested in what is being done to export more pharmaceutical products, what slows down the growth of export of Belarusian medications to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and non-CIS states.

Apart from that, the President was interested in what reserves are available for the faster development of the truly promising industry, what should be and can be suggested today for the sake of securing a real breakthrough in this direction. Yet Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that existing manufacturing cooperation ties should not be destroyed. “We should not create unnecessary competition on foreign markets through our unwise actions. It is important to avoid errors. It is necessary to make correct, balanced decisions. We should avoid going to the wrong side because we will lose time and money like that,” concluded the President.

At the session the head of state gave a number of instructions, first of all, regarding the implementation of investment projects aimed at the saturation of the market with high-quality and affordable Belarusian medications. The President also urged to prevent unjustified import.