Session to discuss allocation of commercial residential premises to individual categories of civil servants

    On 13 November President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko held a session to discuss proposals regarding the procedure for allocating commercial residential premises to individual categories of civil servants.

    The head of state reminded that a special government conference was held in July to discuss construction matters and the allocation of rented homes to various categories of citizens.

    “The allocation of special employer-provided homes to civil servants, which are entitled to such homes, was also discussed. It was decided back then that, first, such homes will be allocated to high-profile civil servants and representatives of power-wielding agencies, to those, whose work and security requirements truly necessitate such homes. And only for the duration of their contract. The terms are simple: the home comes and goes with the job. Once you quit the job, you have to vacate the premises. It was my requirement,” said the President.

    “Second, we agreed that tenants have to pay the rent. These are rented homes and therefore the occupants have to pay both the rent and for public utilities. Just like all our citizens do,” noted the head of state.

    Apart from that, during the government conference instructions were given to compile the list of civil servants entitled to special homes anew. “Avoiding the expansion of the list was the primary task,” stressed the President.

    “I am told that all these matters have been addressed by the draft presidential decree submitted by the government,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. “Before signing it I asked the developers of the document to inform about the essence of the decree and whether it has any loopholes for extra privileges”.

    “Please, keep in mind that such homes are rented. Any attempts to privatize or stay in employer-provided homes after the contract is over are inadmissible!” stressed the President. “Let me reiterate: everything must be honest and fair”.

    The head of state was interested in the situation regarding overdue construction projects, several aspects of the operation of the housing and public utilities industry, and also reminded about decision implementation practices.

    At the end of the conference Aleksandr Lukashenko gave instructions to take the necessary measures to submit the draft presidential decree for consideration of the head of state taking into account the results of the discussion.