Session to consider new appointments

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a report on proposals regarding the new appointments in the government and the replacement of certain officials. A corresponding session took place at the Palace of Independence in Minsk on 17 August.

“Following our conversation about the new appointments which took place in Orsha District I gave a corresponding instruction. And the Belarus President Administration together with the speakers of the parliament, the chairman of the State Control Committee were working on the proposals for three days. These proposals regarding the new appointments in the government and the replacement of certain officials should be submitted in accordance with my instruction,” the head of state said.

“I know that there have been consultations with public and other organizations. I think I will also listen to their opinions before the appointment of new members of the government and other officials. It is clear that today we will consider certain candidates who were submitted for my consideration,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

The President emphasized that there are good ambassadors with certain working experience. “There are very good candidates from the diplomatic corps. We will also listen to the opinion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding these candidates from the diplomatic corps,” he said.

“The range of candidates is wide enough. let’s discuss these candidates. We must solve this issue as soon as possible to prevent the uncontrollable development of certain, first of all, negative processes in the economy,” the Belarusian leader stressed. “However, I do not want to dramatize the situation. Ministers are there, agencies are working, governors are working. We just cannot lose manageability.”

The session was also attended by Chairman of the State Security Committee Valery Vakulchik and Head of the Operational and Analytical Center under the aegis of the President Andrei Pavlyuchenko. “We must avoid conversations about wrong candidates in the future. Of course, their agencies are also in charge of the anti-corruption monitoring in the presidential personnel pool. If they have any questions regarding the candidates who we are going to discuss they will speak up,” Aleksandr Lukashenko explained.

The President also mentioned certain trends and people’s opinions which are expressed in the Internet, mass media, and which can be found in the reports of the security service. “They say the President is doing the right thing, and these civil servants should be punished as severely as possible. This is a wrong understanding of my actions. I have already instructed you, Natalya Ivanovna [Kochanova] and those who are now working in Orsha that everyone, especially “unloved” civil servants (who completely deserve it, people are right here), should be put under pressure. But people must also look at themselves before judging anyone. In my opinion, there are certain problems with it in Orsha, just like in the entire country,” the head of state said.

According Aleksandr Lukashenko, for that reason he gave an instruction to ensure a special regime of operation and management in Orsha District. “A special regime should be introduced in Orsha District for the period until we overcome difficulties and ensure normal development of enterprises and social infrastructure. It means that all people should be working hard just like heads of enterprises and corresponding civil servants. People should understand that, figuratively speaking, a revolution has begun and step up their efforts,” the President added.