Session of Supreme Eurasian Economic Council

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On 16 October Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in the session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Kazakhstan’s Burabay.

Russia and Kazakhstan agreed to do their best at the border with Kyrgyzstan to show its people all the benefits from joining the EEU, Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The Belarusian head of state expressed confidence that this move would greatly benefit Kyrgyzstan, including in supplies of meat products and other goods to the common market. “I think these issues will be studied before a new year, and Kyrgyzstan will not regret its decision to join our common economic union,” the President of Belarus added.

The agenda of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session included 15 items. All of them were looked into during the narrow-format session. A decision was made that Armenia is going to preside over the Eurasian Economic Commission as from 1 February 2016. The Eurasian Economic Commission will be headed by Armenia’s former prime minister Tigran Sargsyan.

Aleksandr Lukashenko went on saying that participants of the session had gone beyond the agenda to look into pressing matters concerning the development of the Eurasian Economic Union.

As a result of the summit the heads of state, who are members of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, signed a number of documents to determine how the Eurasian Economic Union and the Eurasian Economic Commission will interact with third countries. In particular, the major guidelines for the Eurasian Economic Union’s international activity in 2015-2016 were signed as well as the document to determine approaches to the development of trade and economic cooperation with the Union’s main partners in the medium term.