Сeremony to honor graduates of military universities and high-ranking officers

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Peace and accord on the Belarusian soil are very important amid global military instability, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the ceremony to honor graduates of military universities and high-ranking officers at the Palace of Independence on 10 July.

“You are responsible for keeping peace and accord on the Belarusian soil amid global military instability,” the President said. “In the period when the international security system is under threat of destruction you must objectively evaluate and counteract these threats.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that the professionalism of officers, integrity and readiness to selflessly defend their native land are the guarantee of peaceful and creative life of the Belarusian state.

“It is you, officers of the Armed Forces, who will improve the image of the army, apply cutting-edge technologies in military training, use state-of-the art armament and equipment, train new specialists in keeping with all current trends in the art of war,” he said. “Your professionalism will be tested at a serious exam during the Belarusian-Russian army exercise Union Shield 2019. I am convinced that you are prepared to demonstrate excellent skills, mobility and readiness to make right decisions quickly.”

The main objectives for high-ranking officers remain unchanged: law enforcement officers must protect the personality, society and country from any criminal intensions; workers of emergencies bodies are responsible for people’s lives and safety, prevention and mitigation of accidents and man-made disasters. The operation of the Belarusian nuclear power plant is also in the center of attention.

“Border guards must maintain a higher level of combat readiness, adequately respond to any developments in border protection given the escalation of negative factors involving illegal migration, drug trafficking and illegal trade,” the President remarked.

Addressing security officers, the head of state urged them to focus on the prevention of any manifestations of terrorism and extremism, ethnic and religious hatred in the society. He also urged them to take measures to minimize economic losses for the country.

The President said that the ceremony is held in the year of the 75thanniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invasion. “Honoring the great feat of heroes who defended the freedom of the Fatherland, we are extremely proud of those who continue these glorious traditions and protect our native country, those who are loyal to their military duty, maintain peace and ensure security of people,” the head of state said.

In a solemn ceremony major general’s shoulder boards were given to Vladislav Budik, head of the 72nd guards united training center of the Armed Forces; Leonid Kasinsky, aide to the defense minister for ideological work in the Armed Forces; Oleg Mishchenko, chief of communications of the Armed Forces – head of the Communications Department of the General Staff; Igor Burmistrov, First Deputy Commander of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Head of Staff.

The President also presented shoulder boards of major general of justice to Head of the Gomel Oblast Department of the Investigation Committee Sergei Pasko, Head of the Mogilev Oblast Department of the Investigation Committee Andrei Lis.

Shoulder boards of major general of police were given to Head of the Interior Affairs Department of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee Aleksandr Vasilyev. Anatoly Dolgolevets, deputy emergencies minister, received shoulder boards of major general of interior service.

The best graduates of military universities were also honored at the ceremony in the Palace of Independence. They received letters of commendation from the Belarusian President.

Addressing the graduates, Aleksandr Lukashenko said that shoulder boards does not make a true officer. The best officers are famous for their honor. “Senior officers promoted to higher positions are an example of valor and honest service to the Fatherland for you. There are not many generals in Belarus, and the bar is very high,” the President said.

“Belarusian people respect and value those who pursue an army career answering the call of the heart. People know that they are protected. Live up to this trust,” the head of state said. “I wish you to carry these shoulder boards with dignity. And I hope that other officers will do their best to reach these heights.”

In conclusion, Aleksandr Lukashenko wished officers ultimate success and family happiness.