Revised regulation on Belarus’ State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection approved

    A new wording of the regulation on the State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus has been approved. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed appropriate Decree No. 269.

    The document has been revised to harmonize the regulation with Decree No. 376 “Concerning measures to improve control (supervisory) activities” and also to regulate a number of issues related to the operation of the state inspectorate.

    The provision adjusts the grounds for terminating activities of business entities that violate environmental legislation. The document describes the order how the state inspectorate can receive, free of charge, the data from the information systems of other state bodies. As a social and legal guarantee the revised regulation provides for monetary compensation of the officers of the state inspectorate for the use of residential premises under a contract of lease or sublease, for the temporary use of hotels upon appointment to another locality. This measure will ensure a possibility for rotation of the most qualified personnel to improve the efficiency of the territorial bodies.

    The decree has approved the new membership of the Board of the State Inspectorate and the procedure for use of physical force, special means, and weapons by members of the inspectorate.