National ball for university graduates

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko attended the national ball for university graduates on 29 June.

“Looking today at you – beautiful, young and already successful – I feel proud for Belarus,” the head of state addressed the graduates. “I feel proud of those who created the independent country where our children get decent education, and the best of the best mark their first successes at such a high level.

“I am proud of your parents who brought up wonderful children. I am proud of teachers and lecturers who helped you find yourselves. And, of course, I am proud of every one of you,” the Belarusian leader added.

According to the President, sometimes it is difficult to realize your purpose, to master a profession. Those who are invited to the national ball for university graduates have already made their choice, have already got higher education. “I sincerely congratulate you and wish you to reach the next height as soon as possible – to reach professional excellence in your jobs. I wish you to reach a new level of life where your real status will be determined not by the number of subscribers and likes but by the respect of people, including your future colleagues. I wish you recognition and respect which you will enjoy thanks to your honest and diligent work, honesty and fair attitude to people,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Apart from traditional wishes, the head of state addressed a few serious topics in his speech.

“We do not choose the time. It is the time that chooses us. Every generation has its own challenges. They shape the character of every single person and of the whole nation,” the Belarusian leader said. “There are some things you can rely on. You are the new generation of the spiritually strong nation which preserved their national identity not having their own state for centuries. Just think about what I have just said. You are the heirs of heroes who fought together with the brotherly Soviet peoples to protect their native country and to save Europe from Nazism in the terrible war.”

“You know, many people often say that a rich country with abundant natural resources such as gas, oil, gold and other metals is a rich nation. Nothing is more valuable than the feat of our people. We paid an enormous price for it [the victory]: we lost one third of our people in the middle of the last century,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state stressed that we must honor and be proud of the Great Victory. “We must be proud of the fact that it was our victory – of our grandfathers, great grandfathers, our parents. And everybody must revere the nation, i.e. us today, for the victory of our older generations,” the President said.

Modern youth can be also proud of their parents who stood the test of devastation and uncertainty of the 1990s, who worked hard to create the independent state, who continue to work for the benefit of the country, the President is convinced.

“In other words, you have a decent and strong background. The background of the modern Belarusian nation. Therefore, cherish what we have achieved – peace, genuine traditions and our values. Cherish the history which makes us truly proud today,” the head of state stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that young Belarusians should be more careful with their judgments in the difficult periods for the country.

The head of state wished university graduates peaceful, wealthy and successful life. He also expressed hope that they will live up to the expectations of those who created the future for them. “You have a great day today, the day that you will remember for years. But this is just a grain of sand in your lives,” the Belarusian leader noted. “Your lives are ahead of you, and the main thing is children.” The President emphasized once again how important it is to think about the future and to do the right things to avoid feeling shame later on.

“Every year when I meet with university graduates, I look in their faces, I see the eyes of confident, purposeful and ambitious people,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. He expressed hope that they will always be a success and that good teachers will accompany them. “But if some expectations do not become reality at the beginning of your professional journey, do not be disappointed. Give yourselves a chance. Maybe, not immediately, but sooner or later everything will be okay: your achievements will be recognized, you will get career promotion and material wellbeing. Hardworking people committed to their job and their country always succeed,” the head of state stressed.

“Don not hurry up to leave your country and move to the happy land of milk and honey. Do not hurry up. It is easier to go there than to come back,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “In periods, which are difficult for the country, you should be more careful with your judgments and all the more so in your actions. Why? You don’t want to feel shame for the statements and reposts years later. You will forget them but the Internet remembers everything. You won’t have time to delete everything like some are doing now. This is why don’t be hasty so as not to feel pain and shame for meaningless years as the classic put it.”

“May the virtual portrait you’ve created always demonstrate that even at a young age you thought the right way, the statesmanlike way. As befits true citizens of their country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko continued.

It is particularly important for people with ambitious plans, the head of state believes. “Who knows what jobs and what offices you will get tomorrow. One of you may stand instead of me here. This is why you should learn to think primarily about the future of the country and take care of your image, your face,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“And know this: when we, the elder generation, say that we work for the benefit of Belarus, it means we work for the benefit of our children, for your benefit. There is no motivation stronger than that. There is nothing more important than seeing you happy,” he stressed.

The national ball for university graduates also included an awards ceremony. Letters of commendation from the Belarusian President were given to the best teachers and graduates of Belarusian universities.