Report on preparations for military parade on Independence Day

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A new concept for arranging a parade during this year’s Independence Day was discussed at a government conference hosted by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 29 May.

“We have decided we are going to organize a parade this year. There is no need to spare money for it. Moreover, the expense is not that large,” the head of state said. “We need a genuine and impressive parade. This is what a parade is supposed to achieve. It is a demonstration. We are going to demonstrate to the people that the army does its job.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that the nation should see what the Belarusian army is all about, what it does, and what weapons and hardware it uses. “People need to see the faces of their protectors, soldiers of the Armed Forces,” he added. “Not only the army, but also the border guards, the Interior Ministry, and the Emergencies Ministry.”

According to the President, it is necessary to demonstrate modern civilian machines and vehicles, which are made in Belarus. “I am concerned that our people — not all of them but a significant part — don’t know the accomplishments of civilian Belarus. They don’t know what we create even in these complicated and difficult times. We have things to show. They will be remembered for a long time,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

According to Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov, the parade will be a traditional one with a certain number of novelties. More troops will parade on foot. The troops will be detached by mechanized brigades and territorial defense troops. More vehicles will be involved in this year’s parade as well.

The latest products of the Belarusian defense industry will be showcased.