Report of Transport and Communications Minister Anatoly Sivak

    On 30 July Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Transport and Communications Minister Anatoly Sivak to receive his report.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko inquired about the status of the instructions given previously, including on the construction of the second ring road, the second runway at the national airport, the re-deployment the aircraft repair plant beyond the city bounds, and the efficiency of the railway industry.

    The head of state also inquired about the toll road project. "We have two issues here: toll roads and the so-called ‘happiness letters’ – the over-speeding fine notices. How are things here? What experience have we gained? What are people complaining about? And what the effect has been so far?” the President inquired.

    He drew attention to the fact that the main thing is the application of new technologies in the construction and maintenance of roads.

    Anatoly Sivak reported that the first phase of the construction of the second ring road will be completed this year.

    With regard to the toll road project, according to the minister, eight more months are needed for the first phase of the project to pay off. He noted that the Ministry adheres to this position, that after major repairs the highway should become a roll road. For example, tolls will be soon collected on the section of the Zhlobin-Gomel highway.

    The President gave an instruction in February to amend the documents to settle a number of issues. Anatoly Sivak noted that a number of decisions has been taken at the level of the government. In addition, changes are made to the investment agreement: certain requirements are set towards the operator of toll roads so that citizens could have timely and objective information about toll roads and could use the services of their own electronic mailbox on the website.

    The meeting also discussed the construction of the second runway at Minsk airport. Work on design is now underway. The head of state was reported on the progress on the re-deployment of the aircraft repair plant.

    The performance of the railway industry was also discussed during the meeting. According to the Minister, the industry is losing to road transport in terms of efficiency.