Report of State Secretary of Security Council Stanislav Zas

    The optimization of law enforcement and security agencies will be continued in Belarus. The issue was discussed during the working meeting of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and State Secretary of the Security Council Stanislav Zas on 15 December.

    During the meeting it was stressed that experts prepare a package of proposals regarding the optimization of the Interior Ministry. The situation in the country makes it possible to work in this field. In particular, the number of road accidents in Belarus and the number of victims of these accidents fell by almost 13% in comparison with the previous year. There is positive dynamics in crime prevention. The number of crimes connected the illegal drug trade fell by 13.7% from the previous year. The number of thefts and crimes in rural areas are also falling. This statistics shows that it is possible to take certain steps in the optimization of forces and resources involved in the maintenance of the public order. The head of state stressed that this process should be well-coordinated, the situation should be under control.

    Another issue in the report to the President was the improvement of training in military and paramilitary universities. Measures will be taken to reduce the period of training. In particular, plans have been made to reduce the period of training of military pilots, communications and information systems operators to four years.

    Stanislav Zas also briefed Aleksandr Lukashenko on the progress in ensuring national security. He emphasized at the meeting that the situation in the country remains stable. All agencies and public bodies involved in national security maintenance work as usual.