Reception to mark Old New Year

  • 30
  • 13:33

Belarusians have done a lot to ensure that the chronicle of statehood continues. We will do even more, because we are united in our goals, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a reception to mark the Old New Year in Minsk on 14 January.

In the first days of the coming year, Belarusians were drawn into a rapid whirlpool of extremely negative foreign policy events that shocked Belarusians and had them mentally return to the events of 2020, once again analyze and see what they could have lost and what national tragedy had been prevented, the President noted.

"All the years of our independence, we have been following with concern the fate of many nations ruined by color revolutions. But what is most shocking is the reluctance of people to learn from other people's mistakes, from someone else's experience. The unlearned lessons can be fatal," the Belarusian leader said.

Therefore, Belarus declared 2022 the Year of Historical Memory. "After all, in order not to make a mistake in the future, we need to look back at the past. The more often we do it the better it will be," the President said.

"Belarus holds little space on the map but attracts a huge geopolitical interest. This has always been the case in the history of our land. This is happening now. Indeed, we are a different country today. The world is different, but political intrigues around us remain one and the same. They repeat themselves over and over again. We have already done a lot to ensure that the chronicle of Belarusian statehood continues. We will do even more, because we are united in our goals," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked everyone who loves their native country, who remains devoted to national interests and understands the burden of responsibility that has fallen on the shoulders of the modern generation.

"First of all, I would like to address journalists. You, dear friends, are at the forefront of events. You live through facts and opinions, fight against the information attacks on Belarus. Last year I urged you to work harder. You heard me. Well done. You did not disappoint and took the information agenda firmly into your hands," the Belarusian leader said.

Addressing the opinion leaders and analysts present at the reception, the head of state stressed: "Without exaggeration, your intellect is a powerful weapon at a time of the information warfare. At a critical moment in history, you defended the interests of the state by taking a united front and showed yourself as true patriots."

The President also thanked everyone who works shoulder to shoulder with him in public administration. "In one of the regions, I said that no President has such people as you. Not because we are perfect or because we don't make mistakes. We have made great progress in terms of the quality of the civil service in our country. This applies to the entire vertical of power. And in principle, to all Belarusians who are not indifferent and who are concerned about the future of the country," the head of state stated.

"Maybe I do not say it often but I highly appreciate the contribution of everyone to the strengthening of our country," the President added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed special words of gratitude to the Olympic champions and prizewinners: "Last year you had to defend both the sports honor of the country and also the political position of the nation. This is a new, if you will, trend of our time."

Addressing the guests of the reception, the President said: "Have you noticed that we no longer say that sport, education, culture and healthcare do not mix with politics? Today it has become obvious: it is not enough to win in sport, it is not enough to amaze people in art or just be a professional. You need to be a patriot, to take pride in your country and communicate it to people. Today it is necessary to defend national interests and the state course in public, rather than, as people say, be as quiet as a mouse."

Expressing gratitude to all those present for the work done, Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized: "We all serve our Belarus. This is our duty to the land that has nurtured us, to the state that gives us the opportunities to show our talents and develop."