Presidential scholarships assigned to 74 young scientists

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed an Executive Order “On encouraging talented young scientists” on 18 December.

    By the order of the head of state, 74 young scientists, including eight doctors of sciences under the age of 45, 35 candidates of sciences under the age of 35 and 31 young scientists without a degree under the age of 30, were awarded presidential scholarships.

    They include representatives of physical, mathematical, technical, chemical, biological, medical, agricultural, geological, social and human sciences. The scholarship recipients work within the framework of priority areas of scientific, technical and innovative activities on topics relevant to the development of these areas.

    Research and development is of applied nature. The obtained results have high scientific significance, are used in practical activities and educational process, contribute to the social and economic development of Belarus.

    The Order of the head of state is aimed at encouraging creative initiative of young scientists, development of domestic scientific schools.