President signs decree on awarding state decorations

    Belarusian head of state Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the decree "On Awarding State Decorations of the Republic of Belarus" on 22 February.

    Tatyana Gaichuk, Associate Professor of the Customs Activity Department of the State Institute of Personnel Training and Retraining of the Customs Bodies of the Republic of Belarus, has been awarded a medal for labor services for fruitful work and great contribution to the training of qualifies specialists.

    Coaching athletes of the Belarusian free style wrestling team Vasilisa Marzalyuk and Aleksei Shemarov have been awarded the Merited Master of Sport of the Republic of Belarus title.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko also sent an official letter of thanks to artists of the National Academic Symphony and Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus for their professional mastery and big contribution to the promotion of national culture.

    An official letter of thanks of the Belarusian President was also sent to five workers of Amkodor Company.