President receives reports of Brest Oblast and Mogilev Oblast governors

    Current problems that slow down the development of Brest Oblast and Mogilev Oblast should be addressed, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said on 27 March as he heard out reports from governors of the oblasts Konstantin Sumar and Piotr Rudnik.

    At the beginning of the meeting Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that he was interested in the state of affairs in the oblasts and what measures are being taken to hit social and economic development targets.

    The President pointed out several disturbing things.

    First, social polls indicate that residents of Brest Oblast and Mogilev Oblast put the least degree of trust in the local authorities.

    Second, these regions have the country’s highest level of forced underemployment.

    Third, deadlines for paying salaries have been broken in virtually every district.

    The social and psychological state in labor collectives is considerably falling, the head of state said.

    In addition to that the regions have the country’s lowest development pace. Moreover, Brest Oblast’s gross regional product is below last year’s level, Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    Quality parameters of the social and economic development of the regions are lagging behind as well.

    “I would like you to answer these questions. You should not forget that these problems and other ones that exist in the oblasts should be fixed,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told the governors.

    The President once again reminded about the parliamentary elections. “You must understand the elections will be an exam for the authorities, a full-fledged exam. Nobody will be able to shrug off responsibility. The law and the Constitution do not allow it,” the head of state said.