President orders to improve investment project to build multi- functional complex in Minsk

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has ordered to improve the investment project to build a multi-functional complex on the premises of the Minsk-based company Horizont.

    The matter was discussed at the meeting with First Deputy Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, Chairman of the State Control Committee Alexander Yakobson, Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko, Aide to the President Kirill Rudy and Director General of the Managing Company of the Horizont Holding Company Yuri Predko. The head of state emphasized that this site has a very favorable location and any investor would like to build facilities there. “What are we going to build there? What is located there now and what is going on there? What terms will we offer to investors?” the President asked.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that both Belarus in general and Minsk in particular, especially its residents, should benefit from this investment project. In his words, if it is nothing more but another hotel or additional office space, there is no need for such a project.

    Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko told reporters after the meeting that the concept of the complex will be fine-tuned. The facility will be designed to meet the needs of Minsk residents. The facility will include residential premises, retail outlets, recreation facilities, cafes and restaurants, consumer services facilities. The project will create new jobs. The construction of car parks, including underground ones, will be needed.

    The Horizont premises are located within Krasnaya Street, Masherova Street, Kuibysheva Street and Kiseleva Street. Nearby is another construction site available for investors. An unused trolleybus depot is located there. “This site will be offered in package with the Horizont site. This will be a single investment project,” the Minsk Mayor said.

    He informed that the head of state directed the MinskCity Hall to get involved in the project and engage one or more Belarusian banks. “All estimated profits will be used in the interests of the city and will help boost its industrial capacity,” Nikolai Ladutko said.

    He noted that the reduction of production premises inside the capital city is prompted by relocation of industrial companies outside the city and the use of cutting-edge equipment and technologies that require less workforce and production premises. “This is a natural process that is going on all over the world,” Nikolai Ladutko said.