President hears out report on the establishment of a single forensic enquiry service in Belarus

    The establishment of a single forensic enquiry service in Belarus should not entail an increase in government spending and personnel requirements of the new agency. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement on 15 April as he heard out the relevant report from State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Leonid Maltsev, Finance Minister Andrei Kharkovets, and First Deputy Chairman of the Investigation Committee Andrei Shved. The latter leads the interagency working group established to set up the new service.

    “It is settled that we have agreed to establish a single forensic enquiry service,” stressed the President. He remarked that there are two fundamental matters that have to be taken into account during the establishment of the new agency.

    “The big question is how to avoid additional government spending for the start of the new agency,” said the head of state. “A contrary thing has to be achieved: the establishment of the agency should reduce government spending”.

    As the second question Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned the personnel requirements of the new agency. The President reminded about his recently signed decree, which envisages reducing the number of civil service employees by more than 25%. “Therefore, while creating the new service we should remember about it. Before that the personnel of law enforcement agencies was optimized. We regularly reduce the army as planned. We don’t want to increase the number of personnel employed by the forensic enquiry service,“ remarked the President.

    “The numbers have to go down. If they go up, people will not understand us,” remarked Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    The interagency working group to study the possibility of setting up a single forensic enquiry service under the leadership of Andrei Shved has been set up following the relevant instruction of the head of state. Results of the work the group has done are reflected by a relevant draft decree. The document provides for establishing a state forensic enquiry service based on expert units of the Interior Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry, the army, the Justice Ministry, and the medical forensic enquiry service.

    At the government session held on 4 April to discuss the matter Aleksandr Lukashenko gave instructions to polish the draft decree and forward it to him by the end of the month.