President hears out report of Vitebsk Oblast governor

    President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets to receive his report on 17 April.

    Alexander Kosinets informed the President about the social and economic development of Vitebsk Oblast in Q1 2012 and the progress in the spring sowing campaign.

    According to Alexander Kosinets, virtually all the forecast targets had been achieved. The growth rate of the gross regional product reached 121% as against the same period of last year, with the physical production index at 136%. In January-February export by municipal enterprises increased 6 times without taking into account oil and oil products, the annual target has been hit already. In Q1 2012 the foreign trade surplus is estimated at $687 million, while the annual target is set at $290 million.

    The head of state spoke positively about the pace of the oblast’s social and economic development in Q1 2012 and urged the oblast administration to keep it up in Q2 2012 in order to reach average salaries as large as the equivalent of about $400 by June.

    The President pointed out that the agricultural industry should step up efforts taking into account weather conditions in order to finish the spring sowing campaign by 8 May.

    The meeting also touched upon a new concept for the development of the town of Polotsk, in particular, the creation of a cultural and historical center and tourism infrastructure around the Convent of the Savior and St. Euphrosyne and the Sofia Cathedral. The territories adjacent to these key spiritual shrines of Belarus should completely change.

    Presenting the project, the governor said the total value of the project is estimated at Br2 trillion. Investors will be invited.

    Alexander Kosinets said that the project provides for remodeling many town facilities, building hotels, expo centers, restoring Saint Euphrosyne’s path along the Polota River. The river itself will become navigable. Recreation zones, restaurants and cafes will be built.

    So everything will be done to make Polotsk a major historical and cultural center that will attract tourists. The governor said the project is scheduled for completion in 2015.

    The head of state approved the concept and gave instructions to prepare a relevant draft decree.