President approves resolution on Belarus' border policy, border security in 2012

    On 28 February President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko approved the resolution on the state border policy and the border security of the Republic of Belarus in 2012.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko held a government session involving heads of the country’s power-wielding agencies on 28 February. According to the President, the composition of participants of the session was not accidental. “First, border security is of paramount importance in modern conditions. Second, coordination of the operation of different agencies for the sake of fulfilling this task must be effective. Third, the quality of operation of the State Border Committee itself has to improve,” the head of state said.

    Following Aleksandr Lukashenko’s instructions the State Secretariat of the Security Council had examined individual efforts and processes going on in the Belarusian border guard. “Frankly speaking, not everything, which is going on in border guard bodies, meets modern requirements. The drawbacks indicate that the existing situation is not assessed thoroughly and therefore the tasks that have to be accomplished are not determined completely right”.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko asked State Border Committee of Belarus Chairman Igor Rachkovsky to report the most dangerous challenges and threats and what was done to neutralize them and prevent them. “In turn, the heads of power-wielding agencies, who are present at the session, have to assess whether the threats have been correctly determined and have to determine their degree of participation in state border guarding,” the President said.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Do not forget that the state board guard is not just another power-wielding agency. It is an agency that protects our land.