National Day greetings to Czechia

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent greetings to the people of Czechia as the country celebrates National Day.

    The Belarusian leader remarked that a momentous event happened in the history of Czechia on 28 October 1918. It was the start of building the independent Czechoslovakian state.

    “Over a long period of time the Belarusians and the Czechs have been united by the precious experience of peaceful co-existence, humane, economic and cultural ties,” the message of greetings reads. “I am convinced that today Minsk and Prague are able to resume constructive cooperation in the humanitarian field and trade. The Belarusian side is prepared for that.”

    Aleksandr Lukashenko wished the people of Czechia prosperity and confidence in the future. “We will be happy to welcome you in hostable Belarus,” the President added.