Meeting with special police force of Minsk City Police Department

  • 23
  • 12:39

We should keep the country together for our contemporaries and generations to come, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with the special police force of the Minsk City Police Department on 30 December.

“In the last days of the outgoing year, the President, as I say, is very popular. But with all the schedule pressure, I could not but come to see you - true patriots of our country, people of duty and honor,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the ceremony.

“The world is rapidly changing and becoming less and less safe for common people. Several countries have even been pushed into civil wars and ethnic conflicts. We have not just heard about this, we have experienced this firsthand. There is a continuous buildup of military presence close to our western and northern borders. Poland and the Baltic states have become a training ground for regular drills and exercises of NATO troops. We are not just threatened with new economic sanctions. They have launched a true information war against us, attack us with incessant political provocations,” the head of state said.

He noted that some time passed, the dust settled, and people saw with their own eyes who were these people who had been so eager to seize the power. “Street riots were the doing of foreign puppeteers and their sidekicks-collaborators who failed to demonstrate their political significance otherwise. We have already seen the likes of them in German documentary footage, marching excitedly with white-red-white flags and Fuhrer's portraits,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President pointed out that despite massive financial injections, direct participation of foreign figures in the organization of protests and training of radicals, the attempt to revive those things in the present was a lost cause because of one simple reason. “Glorification of Nazism is impossible in the country that lost every third resident [during the war],” he stressed.

“Riots, blitzkrieg or color revolutions did not work. That is why, sitting in their warm foreign offices the failed ‘zmagary’ continue to invent new tricks against our state, as they say, ‘for the benefit of the Belarusian people’. Those benefits are not visible though. These ‘activists’ have their own understanding of politics,” the head of state said.

The President noted that instead of searching for a constructive alternative and an honest and open competition for hearts and minds, they call for street protests. Instead of a meaningful dialogue to overcome existing problems, they try to question the legitimacy of state institutions. They actively call to destroy the property of those who disagree with them, to threaten their children, wives and loved ones. And they call themselves patriots, although they openly seek to ruin the economy, eliminate the existing constitutional order and destroy the country,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

“On the example of our neighbors, we see what the destruction of collective consciousness and historical memory of the nation can lead to, especially among young people, its most active part,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

“I want to make my position clear. It is unchanging: our duty to present and future generations is to preserve the country. And we will do it, no matter what it takes. We will preserve it for all of us, our children and grandchildren. This is the main task for me and you. A historical mission, if you like. I want to tell you something openly and honestly and I want them [the opposition] to hear it: if uniformed services had not done their work, if on those August days they had faltered, we would have lived in a different country today. And it is a big question whether we would still be alive and whether the country would survive. They say that the big is seen at a distance. A little more time will pass and those who do not understand and confront us on the clean Minsk streets will realize what you have done this year,” the President said.

The head of state stressed that no revolutions in Belarus will happen if people stay united, the government remains strong and the social and political system is stable. “The head of state has all the powers and tools to prevent fratricidal clashes. You also play an important role here,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state thanked not only those present, but also all those who stand side by side in these difficult days, for their courage, perseverance, allegiance to their oath and loyalty to their people. “These are not just words. For each of you, this is a reliable guideline that determines your deeds and actions,” the Belarusian leader said.

“Amidst increasing real and potential challenges and threats to the national security of the Republic of Belarus, we will secure our independence, defend the constitutional system, the future of our country and people. At the same time, every employee and serviceman, a person in uniform should know that the law is on our side, and that you are protected by the state. People believe in you and know that you will always come to the rescue and ensure a calm and peaceful life for our citizens, protect the country from external and internal threats,” the President noted.

According to the head of state, an illustrative recent example of this is great teamwork of the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to prevent the activities of terrorist groups.

Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that security, defense and law enforcement agencies are a most important factor of national security, peace and calm in the society. Therefore, the country’s government pays great attention to the matters related to the state and prospects of these agencies. “The economic situation today is not easy, but we manage to provide you with the latest in equipment and weapons, retain core personnel, increase the prestige of the service. We will keep working on it,” the head of state assured.

“We are ringing in the new year in a challenging environment. However, I am convinced that we will cope with all the problems together, as has happened many times before,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

He wished the military and law enforcement and their families and friends inexhaustible energy, good health, and family well-being.