New Year's charity event for children

  • 12
  • 8:11

People whose acts of kindness bring hope to those in need have become role models for the Belarusian nation. The state will do everything to ensure that children live in a beautiful and safe country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a New Year's charity event for children as part of the Our Children campaign.

“Here has come the most anticipated, kind and exciting time of the year. I am always excited on this day and look forward to meeting with you. We have met for this holiday for many years. Why the excitement? I am excited because usually I meet and talk to adults, and here we have the future of our nation, from little ones to teenagers. We have adults in this hall too. The audience is about three thousand people and I should say something very important and it is very difficult to find the words to deliver the message. This is why I am always excited," he said.

Every year we see new faces at the children's New Year's show in the Palace of the Republic, the head of state noted. But these are always children who have excelled in studies, art and sport, children who need special attention, care and kindness. "What unites all of us is that we are all waiting for a miracle," the President said.

Their teachers and mentors also came to the show together with the children. This, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, is only a small part of the children and teachers living in the country. "Let's send greetings to those who are not here today, wish them good luck in the coming year," the head of state said. He also thanked the big team of the organizers of the show.

“Let's thank those who go visit children, the elderly and who participate in the Our Children campaign. Dear adults, entrepreneurs, people of goodwill, let me once again thank you on behalf of the Belarusian people for the kindness and warmth you give in the run-up to New Year to all those who need help, kindness and warmth. You are indeed our role models who show that our nation is kind, tolerant, with a very good future,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President told the children to cherish their dear ones, friends, teachers and educators who think about them every day, perhaps every night. "These are the kindest and warmest people on earth. And remember: the magic is, first of all, about love and kindness. Give everyone your love and kindness. If you do that, you will always be loved and receive kindness in return," the head of state concluded.

After the show, the children gave their gifts to the President. One of the souvenirs is the box made of vine and called "Memories of a Hometown. It contains six New Year's ceramic baubles depicting winter forest, deer, and birds.

The children also gave Aleksandr Lukashenko a carved wood panel “New Year's night” depicting a small village in winter which is waiting for the night to fall.

About 2,500 children from different regions of the country have been invited to attend the New Year's charity event in the Palace of the Republic. These are orphans, children from children's homes and residential schools, children from large and low-income families, cadets, children from military and law enforcement families, students, Olympiad participants, winners of competitions and contests and children from the Chernobyl-hit regions.