Visit to Minsk National Airport, Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407

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It is necessary to develop Minsk National Airport bearing in mind future prospects. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he visited the airport on 11 August.

The head of state was informed about the development of the infrastructure of Minsk National Airport and about long-term plans. Including plans to build a railroad to connect the airport with the nation’s capital and plans to build car parks.

The construction of a new passenger terminal was mentioned. The new terminal will be needed in the future due to the growing passenger traffic, which has already exceeded 5 million people per annum in the past. As for future plans, a well-designed railway to conveniently transport a large number of passengers between the airport and the capital will be necessary. It is important to judiciously approach the matter. “We shouldn’t build some double or parallel roads. We should use what we have instead,” the President remarked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko gave instructions to prepare the relevant project for reconstructing the airport featuring the construction of the passenger terminal and the railway link in order to discuss the project in detail. “Let’s agree that we will closely look at the project once it is ready.”

It is of crucial importance to make plans and take steps bearing future prospects in mind.

“We do everything bearing future prospects in mind after all. If we don’t need something due to today’s circumstances, we have to understand that we will need it tomorrow,” the President noted.

Aleksandr Lukashenko gave separate instructions concerning the airport’s old runway. The second runway was built in 2019. Due to understandable reasons the traffic is much lower than it was in the past, but it is necessary not to forget the first runway. The head of state was told that the runway is undergoing routine repairs.

“Keep in mind that this runway must be in operating condition. In a normal condition. The second runway has been built. This one must not be abandoned. The runway has to be in an ideal state. It must be done under any circumstances,” the head of state said.

On the whole, the President was informed that despite complications caused by sanctions the airport tackles emerging problems, operates steadily, and experiences no shortage of materials and equipment. Some parts are now manufactured by Belarusian enterprises. Some parts are now imported from friendly countries, for instance, China.

Aleksandr Lukashenko got on a bus to inspect the airport’s territory and visited OAO Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No.407 where he was made familiar with the maintenance and repairs of aircraft as well as the operation of the enterprise.