Visit to Legmash Plant in Orsha

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited Legmash Plant in Orsha on 29 May.

The head of state was briefed on the state of affairs at the enterprise. Recently, the plant has been involved in the production of special-purpose products for the defense industry. There are plans to further expand the product assortment.

“It does not matter that we have never produced these items before. We cannot keep weaving bast shoes all the time. We need to produce serious products,” noted Aleksandr Lukashenko commenting on the development of new types of products.

It is noteworthy that for many years Legmash Plant has been producing goods for civilian purposes - from cast iron frying pans and cauldrons to products for the oil and gas industry. Much of the output was exported.

Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed the State Control Committee to make sure that the production of in-demand civilian products will not dwindle to a trickle. “If there is a demand for such products, they should remain in the assortment. We have competencies, human resources to do it. You should closely oversee this matter,” said the head of state.

He emphasized that all this should be done simultaneously with the production of defense products and not to the detriment of the defense industry. “It is necessary to keep making civilian products and even increase their output. Slashing exports would be a crime. Keep an eye on it together with the aide, the chairman of the executive committee,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said giving instructions to Chairman of the State Control Committee Vasily Gerasimov. 

Aleksandr Lukashenko was shown Belarusian-made axes during his working trip.

He examined the axes and promised to try them out. The head of state set a tough task for the country’s industry - to launch the production of such instruments to work with wood within a year.

“It is a shame to have more than a half [of the country's territory] covered in forests and continuing imports. One more instruction for him. He [Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Parkhomchik, who supervises industry] should address all the issues related to the sector. If they cannot produce something for a chainsaw, we will buy it at the first stages. He should address the issue within a year. We should not import such things,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed the State Control Committee to look into the matter, since millions of US dollars are spent to purchase such products every year.