Visit to Irkutsk Aviation Plant

  • 9
  • 3:12

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

At the plant, the head of state got familiar with the stages of production of military aircraft (by the way, aircraft for the Belarusian Air Force are also made here), the assembly of the MS-21 passenger liner. The top executives of the plant informed the Belarusian President in detail about the products and promising developments.

Irkutsk Aviation Plant seeks to expand industrial cooperation with aviation enterprises of Belarus.  Therefore, the topic of implementing joint projects, for example, in the machine tool industry and microelectronics, became the main topic during the visit of the head of state.

At the plant, Aleksandr Lukashenko was gifted a model of the Su-30 fighter.

"My favorite aircraft," the President said.

"The most important thing is it is highly maneuverable," said Alexander Veprev, general director of the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant.