Directive on advancing Belarus-China relations signed

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Directive No.9 on advancing Belarus-China bilateral relations on 3 December.

    The document is designed to further advance Belarus’ strategic partnership with China across a broad spectrum of avenues in 2021-2025 and represents a logical continuation of a similar directive for the 2015-2021 period.

    Priority tasks in the near future include the reinforcement of cooperation in politics, preservation and augmentation of values of friendship and mutual support, the enhancement of trade, economic, financial, and investment interaction, and the realization of the Belt and Road initiative. Important tasks also include the expansion of interregional ties, the advancement of military cooperation and military technical cooperation, cooperation in digital economy and information and communication technologies, the enhancement of R&D cooperation, the advancement of relations in humanitarian affairs.

    For the sake of fulfilling these tasks Belarusian government agencies and other economic entities involved in cooperation with China are instructed to realize about 50 concrete practical measures.

    The effective fulfillment of the tasks will contribute to advancing Belarus-China relations to a brand new level.