Plenary session of 2nd Congress of Scientists of Belarus

  • 23

The output of scientific, technical and innovative products more than doubled in Belarus in the past five years, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the 2nd Congress of Scientists of Belarus on 13 December.

Addressing the participants of the biggest intellectual forum in the country, the head of state said that such events should be held more often because Belarus has ambitious goals which can be reached only with the help of science. “Science is a crucial factor of progress in the modern world. We understand it very well. Therefore, we are always focused on the dynamic development of this sector. Ten years ago, representatives of the Belarusian scientific community gathered together at the 1st Congress of Scientists of Belarus to discuss the state of affairs and topical problems in the Belarusian science, determine possible solutions,” the president stressed. “Back then we decided that applied research will be the main area of focus. It was of paramount importance for academic, specialized and university scientists.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, a lot has been done and Belarusian products have been widely acknowledged within a decade. The state has done its best to improve the legal framework in science and innovation. A lot has been done to enhance the interaction of science and organizations of the real production and social sectors. A system of talented youth support has been built.

The head of state mentioned the fact that significant scientific and personnel resources have been accumulated in the Belarusian society. Over 25,000 specialists are involved in scientific research, including about 8,000 workers of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. This is a solid team which can cope with the most complicated and ambitious tasks.

Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that the scientific environment is shaping the elite of the Belarusian society, just like in other countries. “Without exaggeration, scientists are the intellectual elite of the nation. When you reach new heights, I am so happy for you as the head of state. We have a lot to be proud of. The best scientists with global fame are working in Belarus. Your talent, unflagging energy, experience and knowledge serve the cause of the Belarusian nation and our young sovereign state.”