Order of Mother conferred on Belarusian women with many children

    For giving birth to and bringing up five and more children the Order of Mother has been conferred on 31 women from Vitebsk Oblast, Grodno Oblast and Mogilev Oblast. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a corresponding decree on 12 December.

    The awards have been conferred on representatives of various professions, including women working in the light and manufacturing industry, agribusiness and wood processing, institutions of culture and education, healthcare and trade organizations, housekeepers.

    Among the awardees are chief of the production crew at OAO Bobrovo-Agro Tamara Alshevskaya, worker of the security and information protection department at OAO Mostovdrev Yelena Nikitich, designer of OOO Edelveis Dekor Alesya Kuznetsova, teacher of the Mogilev State Arts College Irina Lesyukova, senior veterinarian of Belshina-Agro Svetlana Ragovich.