Order of Mother conferred on 124 Belarusian women with many children

    For giving birth to and bringing up five and more children the Orders of Mother were conferred on 124 women from Brest Oblast, Grodno Oblast, Mogilev Oblast and Minsk Oblast. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a corresponding decree on 28 February.

    The awards were presented to representatives of various professions. These include workers of construction, industrial and agricultural enterprises, organizations of the services sector and social security, educational institutions, cultural and healthcare organizations, housekeepers.

    Among the awardees are storekeeper of the food factory of OAO Berezastroymaterialy Yekaterina Kozhevnikova, teacher of the Voyskaya secondary school Valentina Litvinyuk, stock-breeder of the agricultural company Boltishki Valentina Pavlovich, hospital aide of the Lida central district hospital Teresa Pats, accountant of the Mogilev driver training and retraining center Lilia Goncharova, teacher and psychologist of the Belaya kindergarten and school complex Anna Ignatenko, economist of the Starye Dorogi district consumer society Olesya Bannikova, designer of the Smolevichi District capital construction department Yelena Myakinnik.