Order of Mother awarded to 72 Belarusian women with many children

    For giving birth to and bringing up five and more children the Order of Mother has been conferred on 72 women from Minsk, Grodno Oblast and Mogilev Oblast. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed a corresponding decree.

    The award has been bestowed upon women from all walks of life, including women working at manufacturing enterprises, in the agricultural sector, trade, education, healthcare, social security, the utilities sector, and housekeepers.

    Among them are accountant of OAO Belshina Tatyana Ovsyanik, nurse’s aide of the Mogilev Oblast hospital Marina Krasnopolskaya, worker of the Mosty District Social Security Center Natalya Mekeko, accompanier of kindergarten – secondary school No. 42 of Mogilev Olga Muratova, scrivener from Minsk Yelena Senozhatskaya, painter of the Minsk department of Belarusian Railways Tatyana Sergei.