Order of Mother awarded to 186 mothers from Belarusian regions

    On 23 February, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 70 to award the Order of the Mother.

    For giving birth to and bringing up five and more children the Order of Mother has been awarded to representatives of various professions and fields of activity. These include workers of industrial and agricultural enterprises, the media, construction and energy industries, social welfare sector, trade and communications, consumer cooperation, education, healthcare, culture, religious organizations, individual entrepreneurs and housewives.

    Among the awardees are Anastasia Zhilinskaya, a teacher of secondary school No. 15 in Baranovichi; Marina Kudryavtseva, a postal worker of the integrated postal service shop of the Gomel branch of Belpochta; Anna Tatur, the  head of the Production and Technical Department of PMK-43 of the Gomel integrated Construction Enterprise; Veronika Zhuk, a nurse of kindergarten No. 11 in the town of Slonim; Olga Asmalovskaya, an otorhinolaryngologist with the children's ENT office of the children's clinic at Dzerzhinsk Central District Hospital; Yelena Masterova, Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board of the Rodny Krai newspaper of the city of Logoisk; Yelena Piskun, the head of the dairy farm of the Shaplyko company; Marina Akulova, a filling station operator of Belorusneft-Mogilevoblnefteprodukt; Yekaterina Kot, a librarian of the library of the Vorotyn agro-town, Bobruisk District; Viktoria Asipenok, a vegetable farmer of the Zhdanovichi agricultural complex; Olga Mashchitko, associate professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Studies of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

    All in all, 186 residents of Brest Oblast, Gomel Oblast, Grodno Oblast, Minsk Oblast and Mogilev Oblast and the city of Minsk have been honored with the Order of the Mother.