October Revolution Day greetings

    Dear compatriots,

    I wish you a Happy October Revolution Day.

    In the chronicle of the mankind this truly landmark date has become a symbol of renewal, liberation from oppression and new hopes for the bright future for working people all over the world.

    More than a century has passed since then. Evaluating certain historical figures, we may have different attitudes to the events of the past. However, the foundation for the national revival of many nations and their right to self-determination has been laid back then.

    The modern Republic of Belarus has its own development path. Creative labor, respect for history, glorious traditions and achievements of many generations are the main factors of consolidation in the Belarusian society.

    I am convinced that our knowledge, talents and diligence will help us preserve, strengthen and pass our invaluable national heritage - sovereign Belarus - to our ancestors.

    Dear compatriots, I wholeheartedly wish you health, wellbeing and new achievements in the name of the Fatherland!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko