New Year Address

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Dear compatriots,

Guests of Belarus,

In a few moments we will step into the new year of 2024.

But we are already trying to envision what it might be. We are trying to envision our future.

While saying goodbye to the Year of Peace and Creation, we wish that the next year is as peaceful as this year for all of us, for Belarus. We hope that the year will be peaceful for our neighbors, and for all people. And, of course, we want our wealth and wellness to be amplified.

There is no peace without creation, and there is no creation without peace.

In the future, we want to see loving couples start families, congratulate parents on the birth of their babies, be happy for friends and relatives who welcome grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For us it is important to be healthy, to see our children go to kindergarten and school with joy, to see yesterday’s students become true professionals.

It is important to know that our elderly and people with special needs are surrounded by care and attention.

Therefore, thank you to those who are fully dedicated to the most difficult job – working with people, living up to the trust of millions of compatriots every day.

This is our path – the path of creation, the path of a lifetime we are taking day by day.

Of course, in the new year we want to live in comfortable and warm apartments and houses, eat tasty and healthy food, enjoy the view of beautiful and peaceful streets, playgrounds, and green parks.

We want out cities to be developed, and the life in rural areas to be more comfortable and modern.

Thank you to all the workers! Thank you to those who harvest the fields in any weather conditions every year, who produce our food, clothes, and products that are in demand on the world market, who develop science and technologies, who design and build new things.

In the past year, there were attempts to bring us to our knees, to strangle us economically… However, we not only survived, but grew comprehensively, moving to our goal!

And we are capable of doing even more, knowing that we are protected by people who selflessly serve and love their Motherland.

There is no stronger stimulus for development than confidence in the future and confidence in the security of the nation.

People in uniform, thank you for peace!

Dear compatriots,

The year of 2024 – the Year of Quality – is coming. Quality has long become the lifestyle of Belarusians, the national feature, and now it will become the symbol of all aspirations.

We will restore a good tradition to award a badge of honor to the best producers of goods and services. The first awardees will go down in history of independent Belarus.

In the political field of the country, the ancient Slavic tradition of people power will be reborn in a new status. For the first time the Belarusian People’s Congress will begin its work as a constitutional body. This is how we will build the foundation of the Belarusian national statehood. On the single voting day we will elect members of the Parliament and deputies of councils.

2024 will mark the 80th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from Nazi invaders. No date is more important for us. We must celebrate the anniversary properly to make sure that the memory of the heroes of that time lives forever. It is our noble duty and a guarantee of peace in the future.

These and many other events will come very soon.

We will continue to build, preserving and enriching the cultural legacy with our creativity and talent, safeguarding our national interests, cherishing authentic traditions and values. We will do our best to turn our country into a more beautiful, comfortable and stronger place.

This is our home. For every person it starts with the doorstep and beloved family; for all of us, for the whole nation it becomes a sacred fortress.

Dear Belarusians,

On New Year’s Eve, I, first of all, wish you to welcome the year of 2024 in a hearty and bright atmosphere.

I wish good New Year’s mood to those who are at work, while the country celebrates.

I wish strength and good health to our veterans of war and labor. I wish happy childhood to our children and bright youth to our young adults.

May the soft glow of windows from houses, where close people and friends have gathered together to celebrate, cover the sacred Belarusian land like a warm blanket tonight and every night.

May the most daring wishes and dreams of yours come true in the name of peace and life.

Be happy!

Happy New Year!

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