New Year Address of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko to Belarusian people

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Dear compatriots!

Guests of Belarus!

The New Year’s night has come, the most long-awaited and fast-paced night of the year.

At home, with friends, at work or on the road, we are now looking at the clock and see how quickly these minutes are passing and becoming history bringing us closer to the year of 2023.

Just in a few moments the outgoing year – the Year of Historical Memory – will also become part of the past, and its events will fill up another chapter of the chronicle of life of the Belarusian people.

Many people wonder how we will remember the outgoing year.

We will remember it as a complicated, controversial and sometimes challenging year. But the main thing is that it was a peaceful year for us.

Probably, we felt the threat to our peaceful and safe life we are used to more than ever before.

We are now more concerned about our children, relatives and friends and even start thinking about the future of the mankind. We realized the value of peace on our native soil, and this peace has become the main achievement of the year for us.

The outgoing year of 2022 has become the year of political choice.

Belarusians responded with unity to protect their historical memory, their principles and traditions. Every person, who is concerned about the future of the home country, took part in the discussion of the new Constitution and determined the future of Belarus.

And, of course, 2022 goes down in history as the year of productive work.

We have gathered a record-high harvest of grain – more than one tonne per person living in the country. We had enough food for ourselves and for millions of people on the planet. The food export exceeded Br20 billion.

We have built new hospitals, schools, kindergartens, bridges and roads – more than 50 high-profile projects.

We have enhanced the energy security. Belarusian people will not have to give the last ruble for electricity and heat which become luxuries for our neighbors.

We have kept jobs and the social vector of the economy and have supported those in need.

About 50,000 Belarusian families celebrate the New Year in new apartments.

Of course, we did not fulfill all our plans, but we worked hard and did well.

Thank you for this year!

Thank you to those who educate our kids and children, who treat us and help lonely people.

Thanks you to workers and farmers, specialist and heads of enterprises, all people who make our lives more comfortable by developing the services sector, bringing bright colors to it, implementing creative projects; people who ensure our security by protecting our borders and maintaining public order in our common home called Belarus.

I am proud of you – the true masters of the holy Belarusian land!

Dear Belarusians,

Let’s agree that in spite of the challenges of the outgoing year many good things have happened to us.

We have produced new goods and reached new markets in the time of strangling sanctions.

Our borders were closed, but we reopened our Belarus for us. Many people took a new look at their country and appreciated our treasures: the beauty of nature, the mystery of historical past, the treasures of the national culture and traditions. We have learned more about our native land and have been lifted up in pride for our country.

We responded with trust and friendship to those build fences to separate themselves from us. Hundreds of thousands of people from the European Union came to Belarus without visas and obstacles.

We sheltered refugees from hotspots, provided them with homes and jobs. We welcomed new citizens to our family.

Over 7,000 foreigners from 31 countries now work for the sake of wellbeing and prosperity of their new Homeland. The majority of them are Ukrainians.

Belarus has been and will always be a hospitable and friendly country. The country which is open for everybody who cherish our values and traditions, who sincerely love our country and want to be called Belarusians.

Dear compatriots,

This year we saw how small our boundless world is. It is enough to ignite a conflict in one country to shake the entire planet.

I know that you want to hear what will come next. Will Belarus remain an island of security? I am convinced that this question will be the main priority and the main wish that you will make at midnight.

The answer is easy: everything in our lives will depend on ourselves.

If we want to live in peace and security, first of all, we must respect and value the service of people in uniform, raise our children as patriots and law-abiding citizens.

If we want to live in peace and be wealthy, we must work have and be honest and productive.

If we want to live in a free and independent state, we must cherish and protect the historical memory, spiritual values and trust traditions.

2023 will be the Year of Peace and Creation. It corresponds with the spirit of the time and our aspirations.

Just like you, I wish peace and kindness to our dear Belarus.

I wish good health and children’s laughter to every family.

I wish friendly support and warmth to those who are alone.

May family accord and wellbeing fill every home.

May all your dreams come true!

Be happy and take care of each other.

Happy New Year, dear Belarusians!