New Year Address from President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko

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Dear compatriots,

New Year is called a fairytale holiday for a reason. It transforms the world around us, brings a wonderful atmosphere of celebration. Everything that seemed drab and dull suddenly starts shining with brightness.

At this moment we understand how important it is to love and appreciate life, how beautiful and interesting the life is, and how unique its every moment is.

The outgoing year reminded the whole world of the simple truth which many people have started to forget. Life is the greatest treasure. And the right to life is the main right of a person. Unfortunately, it is under a major threat in the world today.

The world has not become calmer this year. More and more people die in terrorist attacks and military conflicts. The voices of the politicians who place their ambitions above the good of the nations become louder in different parts of the planet.

Obviously, the old world order is falling apart. We are witnessing a new repartition of the world which will bring people nothing but misery and suffering.

In this situation we appreciate the order, peace and accord in our country even more. To our great happiness, we can shield Belarus against wars, terrorism, and internal chaos. We draw our strength from the historical memory of the Belarusian people who survived immense suffering and irreplaceable losses during the past century.

It is symbolic that in 2015 we celebrated the 70thanniversary of the Great Victory preserving the ties between the heroic past and the present. The Victory is of momentous importance that will never fade for Belarus. No matter how many years have passed, we will always honor the heroic deed of our fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers who liberated the native land and who won independence for us.

Dear friends,

We had a presidential election in 2015. We chose our path, our future for the next five years. Every Belarusian had a chance to reflect on the past, assess the present, and shape the future.

Together we chose peace and order, accord and predictability, the freedom and independence of Belarus.

Today Belarusians expect the country to move forward. I assure you that Belarus will follow the path of development and progress. These will be reasonable and understandable changes rather than collapse, destruction, and revolutions.

We must preserve our main values, namely social accord, national unity and sovereignty.

It is not an easy time for all of us. Wars and strife in the world lead to economic difficulties. In the 21st century all countries are connected by thousands of threads. Troubles and misfortunes in neighboring or distant countries immediately affect our country.

If we stay united, then, like in previous years, we will overcome any difficulties and trials. There is no doubt about this.

We should be more attentive and kinder to each other. Let’s not waste our energy on resentment, reproaches, and quarrels.

Sometimes we should leave aside our daily worries, stop, and look around.

We will see a beautiful country, our native Belarusian land, many wonderful and kind people. We will understand the main thing: miracles happen every day as children come into this world bringing new hopes and a new future.

For centuries people have been arguing about the purpose and meaning of life. Probably, this discourse will continue for as long as the mankind exists.

I think I will not sin against the truth if I say that people are born to be happy. The only paradox is that sometimes people look for happiness far away not noticing that it is so close. We can find it in work, art, sport, life and children. It is important to notice happiness in time and not to pass by.

Therefore, my main New Year wish for all of you is to find your happiness. Do not miss it! Appreciate life, appreciate its every moment, be happy and share your happiness with the people around you.

In the last moments of the year I would like to wish prosperity to you and your children.

I extend my warmest greetings to our dear Belarusian women. May your beauty, charm, and the warmth of hearts shine on us.

I cordially wish Happy New Year to our veterans and elderly people who have protected and restored our Homeland from ruins, created the foundation of its development; to workers, farmers, builders, engineers, scientists who work hard to multiply the country’s wealth; doctors and teachers who give us physical and spiritual health; junior and senior military personnel who serve the state, protect independence, peace and order in Belarus!

May the enchanting light of the New Year celebration be with you all the year round!

Dear friends, I wish you health, love, and kindness!

Happy New Year!