Negotiations with Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj

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I hope the Belarusian-Indian relations will enter a qualitatively new level, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj on 12 September.

“I am happy to be in this wonderful country. I view India as a very promising country which very soon, in our time already, will be forming the future of our planet. I wish the ministries of foreign affairs of India and Belarus to become the true driving forces of development behind our relations,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that if the two ministers assume such functions and play their role in strengthening the bilateral relations, Belarus and India will be able to reach a high level of relations in the coming years. “We have a lot to offer to each other,” he said.

The President also emphasized the absence of any problem issues in the relations between Belarus and India. “For our friendship to be strong, we need a robust foundation for it. These are our trade and economic relations. These are the issues that will be in the focus of attention during the talks with the Indian authorities,” the Belarusian leader added.

The Indian minister of foreign affairs noted for her part that the current visit of the Belarusian head of state bears special importance as the two countries celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations. She emphasized close historical and cultural ties between the two countries and agreed that the states still have a huge untapped potential of trade and economic cooperation.