Nationwide voluntary clean-up day

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  • 1:54

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in the voluntary clean-up day on 23 April. The head of state worked at the renovation of the Dinamo Stadium.

The president’s team pored concrete over monolithic reinforced beamless slabs. Apart from the president, the team included athletes, coaches, Minsk officials, and representatives of public administration bodies.

The voluntary clean-up workers poured 240 cubic meters of concrete from 30 concrete mixers, 140 cubic meters of concrete was poured by the president’s team.

Before starting to work, Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about the progress in the renovation of the stadium. Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Hall Igor Karpenko told him that the renovation will be finished at the end of 2017. The arena will be turned into a multi-purpose sports and entertainment facility which will be able to host major track-and-field and football competitions, concerts and other mass events.

The renovation project aims, first of all, to preserve a historical part of the stadium, namely its arcade.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was satisfied with the renovation progress and gave a number of clear-cut instructions.