Mother with many children honored with Order of Mother

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has conferred the Order of Mother on women with many children. The head of state signed the relevant decree on 28 February.

    Among the awardees are mail carrier of Pinsk-15 post office Yelena Lenkevich, shop assistant of the Kupalinka shop in Dokshitsy District Anna Makatun, housewife from Vitebsk Natalia Shinko, laboratory assistant of the Mozyr State Medical College Natalia Kapitan, nurse of the Gomel Emergency Hospital Aleksandra Maslyakova, worker of the children's sport school in Slavgorod District Svetlana Pavlyukova, teacher of the Krichev vocational school Irina Podova, housewife from Molodechno Zhanna Baranova, shop assistance of the production cooperative Dary Prirody in Borisov Natalia Sorochinskaya.