Meeting with Ukrainian politician and statesman Viktor Medvedchuk

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It is important that the conflict in Ukraine is resolved as soon as possible, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Ukrainian politician and statesman Viktor Medvedchuk on 14 January.

“This feud (I cannot call it otherwise) must be stopped. Sister nations… We give a gift to our enemies and opponents with our own hands,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that it is important for him to listen to Viktor Medvedchuk and his views on many issues, especially on the events in Ukraine. “It is important for me not only because I am personally concerned about what is going on there but also because this is our dear Ukraine. I served in the army there, I visited the country many times, and I do not conceal that my ancestors are from there, somewhere between Chernigov and Kiev,” the Belarusian leader stressed. “Besides, the relations with Ukraine are the foundation of everything. When the conflict started, according to our estimates, the inflow of people from Ukraine was up to 150,000. We gave them the same conditions as our Belarusian people enjoy. Although it was not easy. God bless everything was fine. Some people went back home, some travel back and forth, some settled down here, they live and work here as our people. The events in Ukraine have had negative factors. I always say it publicly.”

According to the head of state, he is aware of Viktor Medvedchuk’s opinion on the normalization of the relations between Russia and Ukraine. “You are in the know about the political developments that are taking shape right now. This information is very important for Belarus from the point of view of our further actions. You should inform me about this situation,” the president said.

Viktor Medvedchuk, in turn, thanked for the opportunity to meet with the president and for the kind words about Ukraine. “Indeed, our country is facing many problems. And I want to emphasize your personal role and Belarus’ role in the peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbass. Belarus hosted negotiations; the world-famous Minsk agreements were signed here. Unfortunately, they are not fulfilled, but these are the only agreements that offer a plan of peaceful settlement in Donbass. All the sides realize that peace can be established only on the terms formalized in Minsk,” the politician said.

He added that he has been taking part in the negotiation process since 2014, and often comes to Minsk for this reason. “For many Ukrainians longing for peace in Donbass, Minsk not only a place where brotherly Belarusians live, it also gave us hope for the ultimate peaceful settlement,” Viktor Medvedchuk added.