Meeting with speaker of lower chamber of Malaysian parliament Pandikar Amin bin Haji Mulia

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Belarus does not set any conditions in the relations with Malaysia and is ready to develop cooperation, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Pandikar Amin bin Haji Mulia, speaker of the lower chamber of the Malaysian parliament, on 19 December.

“We are interested in developing relations with your country. We are interested in it because you, unlike others, do not set any preconditions for us. We also do not have any claims to you, we will not set conditions in certain aspects of our relations with Malaysia either. We are ready to continue our cooperation relying on the foundation of our relations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state remarked that there are good relations between the two countries. “In spite of the geographical distance, out trade turnover is rather high. The only disadvantage is that the range of products is rather narrow. We will focus on this issue in the near future. I think that your visit will be an important step for expanding both the trade and economic cooperation and the political interaction,” the President added.

The parliamentary cooperation should be one of the cornerstones in the foundation of Belarus-Malaysia relations. “International diplomacy plays a very big role in the modern world. Parliamentary cooperation is the summit of people’s diplomacy because MPs promote the interests of our nations. This is a timely visit because the new parliament has been recently elected in Belarus. Of course, we will form a group of friendship with your country in the parliament,” the Belarusian leader said.

The President expressed hope that during the visit to Belarus Pandikar Amin bin Haji Mulia will learn about the country and its economy. “If we can do something for you, we will definitely do it,” the head of state emphasized.

The participants of the meeting discussed the development of cooperation in various fields, including manufacturing, tourism, education, advanced technologies, the defense sector. The sides expressed interest in setting up joint ventures, deemed it necessary to expand the legal framework of relations and enhance regional cooperation.

It was noted that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko may visit Malaysia. In this context, the head of state gave an instruction to prepare a comprehensive agenda covering all aspects of bilateral cooperation.