Meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko reviewed a number of criminal cases, which investigation he keeps an eye on, at the meeting with the representatives of law enforcement agencies on 13 October.

Evidence concerning the performance of heads of central government and municipal government agencies and illegal actions taken by individual officers of law enforcement agencies and power-wielding bodies were reviewed.

“Today in this composition I would like to talk about and discuss problems of individual breaches of the law in our country. Including at the highest level, including those involving corruption. Before making any decisions I would like to hear about these problems and hear answers to questions about these problems even from some people, who are present here. In the past I promised that we would meet in this composition in order to avoid all kinds of gossip and speculations. I would like to reemphasize that I am ready to hear out everyone if necessary before making the decision,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said when opening the meeting.

A number of personnel decisions were made, including those concerning the Operations and Analysis Center. A commission had been established upon the president's instructions to review the performance of the agency. The commission had found faults in the agency's work. This is why the head of state decided to suspend top officials of the Operations and Analysis Center until the facts the head of state had been made aware of are investigated.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the situation around the death of a soldier in Pechy. The head of state also keeps an eye on this issue. An instruction was given to investigate the case and prepare an objective and detailed report. The president stressed that the guilty should be severely punished.