Meeting with leadership of international company Braca Karic

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The construction of the multi-purpose center Minsk Mir should be an example of the Slavonic world cooperation, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Bogoljub Kariс, co-owner of the international company Braca Karic, and Serbian MP, honorary Consul of Belarus in Belgrade Dragomir Karic on 22 June.

The head of state remarked that according to the information he has the company is a success in Belarus. “There are no major problems, and no problems at all. You implement projects. You fulfill your promises,” he said.

The project to build the Minsk-Mir center is of special importance. “We cannot fail to implement this project. I hope that it will be a substantial project,” the President stressed.

“It would be great if all former Yugoslavian republics are involved in the project. I will welcome it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. The experience of Serbia and other former Yugoslavian states will benefit the project. “Yugoslavia was an advanced state. I still believe that it suffered due to the fact that it was too difficult to compete with this country. This position has been ambitious and nationally oriented since Josip Broz Tito,” he said.

The Minsk Mir project will be a historical one. Therefore, we cannot protract its implementation, the President noted. According to the head of state, the Belarusian side will do its utmost to lift all brakes and use additional reserves if necessary. “This project should be a success. Let it be an example of cooperation of the whole Slavonic world,” he head of state concluded.

At the meeting Bogoljub Kariс reminded about the idea to build an international finance center on the territory of Minsk Mir. The Serbian businessman expressed confidence that the project can be implemented thanks to the favorable position of Belarus among the countries of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union.