Meeting with Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Wiktorin

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At the meeting with Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Wiktorin on 22 July Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he counts on the assistance of the European Union in stabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

“We have a common problem, even a disaster – Ukraine. I am very well familiar with the Ukrainian people. These people did not deserve all the things that are going on in Ukraine now. The presidential and parliamentary elections are over. An important issue related to power has been settled. In the past the European Union sent many encouraging signals to this brotherly country and nation. I would really appreciate if you could provide maximum assistance to help stabilize the situation in Ukraine,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President emphasized that he counts on that not only because he personally sympathizes with the Ukrainian people. “The thing is that this is our common problem. We, Ukrainians and you live in the same region. This ulcer, this headache for the European Union should be eliminated as soon as possible. Therefore, being fully aware of how hard it is for you now, I urge you to send this message to the European Union as you are leaving for another country: Ukraine needs support,” the head of state emphasized.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the European Union bears full responsibility for the events going on in Ukraine, because it was the EU that once suggested a greater engagement with Europe to Ukraine. “Ukraine embraced it and now its aspirations lie more in Europe, rather than Russia, Belarus, the EAEU.  In for a penny, in for a pound, to be frank. The European Union should help the Ukrainian people,” he said.

The President said that Belarus is ready to engage in closer political dialogue with the European Union. “Today there are no obstacles to closer dialogue not only on economic but also political matters. Belarus is ready for this. Let us move forward  in this direction, without waiting for any kind of events: be it parliamentary or presidential elections. I think our relations are more important than any political campaigns in Belarus or in your countries,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state highlighted Andrea Wiktorin’s great contribution to the development of relations between Belarus and the European Union, stressing that in recent years they have been developing most effectively. “I thank you on behalf of the Belarusian people for this period of time that you worked in Belarus and that was very positive in our relations with the EU. I very much hope that the incoming EU diplomat will fill your shoes. I wish you every success in Armenia. This country is friendly to Belarus, very similar in some things. So you will easily get up to speed. Please, remember that the four years was a period in your life connected with Belarus. You will always be welcome in Belarus. The more so that you do not need a visa,” the Belarusian President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed gratitude for the financial support that the EU provides to the projects in Belarus, including those to develop infrastructure. “This will benefit both Belarusians and Europeans,” he said.

Andrea Wiktorin, on her part, said that over the past few years Belarus and the European Union have been able to build a relationship of trust. “We engage in an open dialogue on political themes, economic issues and also on specific, individual matters such as trade, customs, and so on,” she said.