Meeting with Chairman of State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov to receive his report on 22 January.

The head of state noted that he would like to discuss topical issues on the agenda of the State Control Committee. The President emphasized that he is planning to visit the committee. He explained that he often meets with MPs, but seldom visits such organizations as the State Control Committee, the Supreme Court. “I am in charge of coordinating the operation of the branches of government and of the corresponding public bodies, especially the State Control Committee. Therefore, we will find the formula of work which would help me learn more about the last year’s performance and future prospects of the committee,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“I do not need any reports. Let’s discuss existing problems and the issues on the agenda of the State Control Committee. I would like to be informed about socially important issues, the efforts of the committee to resolve the housing issue. What is the committee doing in this area? Do we have any problems with land utilization?” the head of state wondered. He recalled the instruction to provide land plots to people for the construction of housing within three years.

Apart from that, the President urged to prevent the unjustified price rise in the country: “You should do your best to prevent certain trade networks from cashing in on people’s problems without doing harm to business. What measures does the State Control Committee take in this field? What do you think about it? The main objective is not to ruin business and to prevent the unjustified price rise because there are no reasons for it. When the entire world, especially the post-Soviet space, is in crisis, it is important for our business to moderate its demand. I don’t mean that we should tighten our belts, but we must help people.”

Leonid Anfimov told the President about the operation of the interagency taskforce which was established in December to monitor the situation on the consumer and foreign currency markets on a daily basis until the situation stabilizes. He noted that at present the State Control Committee does not need to interfere in these issues since the consumer and foreign markets are relatively stable. “We are just monitoring the state of affairs and are ready to respond in case of emergency,” Leonid Anfimov said.

The meeting also focused on the hydropower industry, the fulfillment of the President’s previous instructions in various sectors.