Labor Day Greetings from President of Belarus

    Dear compatriots,

    Labor Day entered our lives more than a century ago and became a symbol of social justice and deep respect for working people.

    The Belarusians always aspired for peaceful and creative labor. Today patriotism and unity of our society are manifested through hard diligent work of our people, which is key to the prosperity of the sovereign Belarus. Each of us contributes to the development of the country by their professionalism, initiative, and talent.

    Today we express profound gratitude to our veterans of labor who with their own hands created the national wealth of the Republic of Belarus. We also praise the young workers who enrich this wealth and strengthen the traditions of our ancestors.

    I wish you good health, happiness, and professional achievements.

    Let the sunny May Day give you confidence in the future, put you in cheerful mood, and inspire for new achievements.

    Happy Labor Day!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko.