Kamvol, Sukno to launch new fabrics production facilities 

    OAO Kamvol and OAO Sukno will implement investment projects to set up new facilities for fabrics manufacture. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decrees on 14 November.

    In particular, decree No. 510 envisages the implementation of an investment project to establish a new facility to produce competitive business and economy class fabrics at OAO Kamvol in 2013-2015. The factory will reach the project capacity in 2017.

    There are plans to upgrade production facilities, complete construction and installation works, fit technological equipment, launch the manufacture of fabrics, build an independent energy source and necessary infrastructure.

    The decree will help set up an export-oriented company with a technical level of production which will meet the standards of the best global manufacturers.
    Returns on sales are expected to increase by 22.6%, sales proceeds per one employee will reach €61,300 in 2017.

    Decree No. 511 envisages the implementation of an investment project to launch the annual production of 6.475 million running meters of wool fabrics at OAO Sukno in 2013-2017. Production facilities located at the spinning mill in Klara Tsetkin Street, Minsk, will be relocated to the fine cloths factory which is situated at 33 Matusevicha Street.

    Spinning, weaving and finishing workshops will be fitted with new equipment. There are plans to retrofit engineering networks, upgrade the compression plant of the weaving and finishing workshops, the boiler station and waste treatment facilities.

    The decree will help increate returns on sales to 25.6%, raise sales proceeds per one employee to €62,600 in 2018.