Japanese teenagers to stay at Belarusian summer camp Zubrenok

    Teenagers from the areas that suffered due to natural calamities in Japan in 2011 will come to Belarus for recreation. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed the executive order on allocating the funds to organize their recreation.

    As many as 32 teenagers from Japan will stay in Belarus on 2-10 August 2016. The national children education and recreation center Zubrenok has been organizing this kind of recreation since 2012.

    While in Belarus the Japanese teenagers will enjoy sanatorium and recreation services at Zubrenok’s premises, medical examination in Minsk, and all kinds of sightseeing tours and cultural events in the country’s capital and the regions.

    The implementation of the project to arrange health improvement for Japanese kids in Belarus will contribute to the advancement of mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries, the establishment of friendly relations between Belarusian and Japanese children. Apart from that, Japanese teenagers will be able to get familiar with Belarus’ history and culture.