Interview with Rossiya 1 TV channel

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an interview to the Rossiya 1 TV channel on 13 June.

TV presenter Olga Skabeyeva met with the head of state after his visit to one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex in Minsk Oblast.

First of all, Olga Skabeyeva shared her impressions of visiting the Belarusian border where S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems are deployed.

"We were at the border yesterday. They showed us everything. We came to the conclusion that the border is air-tight and that the enemy will not pass for sure," the TV presenter said.

"Absolutely," Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Another topic of the interview was the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. The head of state said that it was not Russia that sought to deploy its nuclear weapons in Belarus, but Belarus. At first Belarus asked for them and then insisted that nuclear missiles that were once in service here be returned back.

"I didn't just ask him, I insisted that nuclear weapons be returned. We do not need strategic nuclear weapons. Why should I need them? I am not going to fight with the United States. Indeed, we have reached an agreement and we stick to it," Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “We have always been the target. They have wanted to tear us to pieces since 2020. No one has ever attacked a nuclear state, a country that possesses nuclear weapons.”

“As soon as the weapons are brought here, they will be deployed across Belarus. We have plenty storage facilities. It is true. We used to have a lot of them. We have already restored five or six of them. We are going to restore more. The weapons will be deployed all over the country. We are not going to keep them in one place,” the President added.

“They say these are Russian weapons and Belarus will not be able to use them without Russia. Look, if a war breaks out, I am not going to waste time. I will pick up the phone and call him wherever he is. He can call me and I will answer any moment. It’s not a problem to coordinate a strike. There is nothing here to talk about. We have already reached the corresponding agreements. Let the enemies, Olya, shiver in their boots,” the head of state said.