Greetings to the Christians of Belarus who celebrate Easter on 15 April 2012

    Dear compatriots,

    I cordially congratulate you on the Radiant Resurrection of Christ.

    For many generations this great holiday is a symbol of triumph of life and kindness over evil. The power of faith and fraternal love unite the whole Orthodox community into one family. Millions of people regain hope and courage to the cheerful ringing of bells.

    The Orthodox Church has played a special role in the history of Belarus. It is inseparably linked with the germination of our statehood, the development of enlightenment and culture, the formation of the national character of Belarusians as friendly and hardworking people who prioritize an opportunity to live peacefully and work in this God-given place. It is no accident that the main Orthodox holiday is celebrated here with special warmth and grandeur.

    May pure joy of Easter fill your hearts with love, so that you could share it with people around you, giving them attention and care.

    I sincerely wish you happiness, health, understanding, and success in everything you do for the benefit of the Fatherland.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko