Greetings to China President Xi Jinping

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent a letter of birthday greetings to China President Xi Jinping.

    “I am grateful that the fate has given a chance to have such a friend who has sincere and genuine affection for Belarus. Our personal friendship and the friendship of our countries are strong and all-weather,” the felicitation message reads.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that under the wise leadership of Xi Jinping the People’s Republic of China is doing its best to fulfill the “Chinese dream” to revive the nation and to shape a new image of the great state.

    “These efforts rely on the concept of joint development One Belt, One Road that you have proposed to China and to the whole world,” the head of state noted. “I am still under the impression of the Beijing forum in May. The ideas voiced in your keynote address at the opening of the forum get a new voice in the plans of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation. I am convinced that these plans will yield effect soon.”

    The president wished Xi Jinping strong health, happiness, and many years of constructive labor for the benefit of China and its people.