Greetings to Belarusian teachers

    Dear friends,

    I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday, Teacher’s Day.

    Every one of us had teachers whose wisdom, generous souls and good advice helped us learn more about this wonderful world, find moral and spiritual guidelines, overcome difficulties and win.

    Noble, responsible, and selfless work of teachers has always enjoyed great respect. By opening doors to the world of knowledge for children, bringing them up, you are shaping the personalities of young citizens and creating the foundation of Belarus’ future.

    Modern educational environment is constantly developing just like a living organism. New technologies and methods of teaching are applied. But teachers still play the same role and have the same authority. With great honor you are fulfilling your important mission, always staying in the center of social life, enhancing the ideological foundation of our country.

    I am convinced that your enthusiasm, eternal patience and commitment to work will awake an echo in the hearts of students and will serve as a good example for the younger generation.

    I wish you happiness, strong health, wellbeing, talented and enthusiastic students.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko